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The Fall 2017 season was an unusual one. Hurricane Irma disrupted the region and our league as well. We played an 11 aside game for the "final." Which several folks enjoyed. Everyone received orange slices at half and a juice box after the game. So the players left feeling happy and content.
After a long season, it was followed up by a long final. Something for the record books - The first extra time final on Over 30's short history. The match was back and forth with Dark Horse scoring then Old Man Logan equalizing. At the end of the first half OML scored within seconds of the whistle to send the teams into halftime tied at 2 each. Dark Horse scored again to take the lead and within seconds of the final whistle Rudy converted from a long pass from the half line to send the match into extra time. Momentum was on the side of Old Man Logan, but it was not to be. Just like the teams namesake the serum wore off and the team was impaled by Scott Toney's golden goal sending our heroes to their ultimate demise.

Golden Boot: (3 tied) Raul Arelleno, Scott Risi, Lucas Ramirez
Silver Boot: Scott Trefts

Tournament Champions: Dark Horse FC.
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La Liga won the championship with a hard fought final win 7-6 over EPL. This was by far the most competitive the league has been in a while. Teams were evenly matched and moving to play 8 v 8 was a first for the league. It made tactics and formation a key part. Stats really fell apart mid season so I’m going to award them from mid-season.

Golden Boot: Manuel Molina
Silver Boot: Wells Littlefield.

Tournament Champions: La Liga.
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Congratulations goes to the Celtics who fought and earned a championship from Dark Horse FC. It was a back and forth affair but eventually the Celtics secured their victory and Championship.

Golden Boot Winner: Jamil Mortada, 12 goals
Silver Boot Winner: Scott Risi, 10 goals.

15 regular season games were played and 85 goals were scored. By far the lowest since these meaningless stats have been kept. Again, well over half the league scored a goal 30 of 48 players, the highest percent that has ever been. The move to 7 v 7, was also a factor in the low goal tally,

Tournament Winners: Celtics
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10 Regular season games were played. 108 total goals scored. While the total number of goals was down, the goals per game average was at an all-time high at 10.8 goals per game.

Golden Boot Winner: Ian Haley 9 goals
Silver Boot Winner: Willie & Lucas Ramirez, 8 goals

Match with most goals: 14
- Straight Outta Commons 9 vs. Callaway Clubs Rule 5
- Straight Outta Commons 8 vs. Hammers 6
Match with Fewest goals: 7
- Straight Outta Commons 6 vs. Hammers 1

29 different players scored a goal, well over half the league (44 players).

Tournament Winners: Hammers
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14 Regular season games were played. We were unable to reschedule the 1 rainout we had. 120 goals were scored.

Golden Boot Winner: Jack Johnson 14 goals
Silver Boot Winner: Lucas Ramirez 11 goals

Match with most goals: 15
-Dark Horse FC 10 vs. 7 Ways to Sunday 5
-7 Ways to Sunday 9 vs. Manchesthair United 5
Match with fewest goals: 5
-7 Ways to Sunday 3 vs. Island City SC 2

With the return of 6 v. 6 soccer the scoring was still down this season compared (120) to last season (125). 25 different players notched a goal this season

Tournament Winners: Manchesthair United
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During the 15 regular season games a combined. 125 goals were scored

Golden Boot Winner: Manuel Molina 14 goals
Silver Boot Winner: Jamil Mortada 11 goals.

Match with the most Goals: 13, GA Galaxy 12 vs. 7 Ways to Sunday 1.
Match with the fewest Goals: 4 Inter FC 2 vs. Dark Horse 2 & Inter FC 1 vs. GA Galaxy 3.

This season scoring trends were also different then last, largely due to the decision to play 7 v 7. By far scoring was down, however about half the league scored a goal. 34 different players were able to notch at least 1 goal this season.

Tournament Winners: Dark Horse FC.
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During the 15 regular season matches a combined 161 goals were scored.

Lee Swafford was the Golden Boot winner with 17 goals.
Manuel was the Silver Boot winner with 14 goals.

The match with the most goals scored was 17, Geritol United 9 vs. Suarez's Little Nibblers 8.
The match with the fewest goals scored was 2, Young Gunners 1 vs. Suarez's Little Nibblers 1.

Goal of the Year Award goes to Brent Baxter for his diving header in the final.

Tournament Winners: Geritol United
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If anyone has a Fall 2014 photo of the winner please email it in.

A big thank you to Jim Lynch for sending in the photo and info.
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